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Why the UK Curriculum? By Donna Schaffrick

The UK curriculum is a globally recognised, well established curriculum that has been in

place and constantly updated since 1988. It is the preferred curriculum of countless

International Schools and is respected the world over for being the best choice for

providing students with a top-notch education. So why do so many schools use the UK

Curriculum? Read on to find out why it is revered around the world and the benefits your

child can gain from learning from a UK curriculum.

Firstly, the curriculum is scrupulously organised into well defined key stages, with clearly

laid out objectives. The skills and learning from these objectives are structured in a

spiral style method where the student builds on the preceding years knowledge rather

than in a linear fashion. This allows for previous learning to be reinforced as well as

allowing for related new content to be taught in the context of what has already


The UK curriculum is unique in that it is student centred and caters for all abilities, so it

is very personalised. It enables those who are gifted to be challenged and stretched to

fulfill their potential but at the same time supports those students who require some

additional assistance so that they too can succeed.

The learning methods encouraged by the UK curriculum, used by UK trained teachers and here at The Phonics School, not only enable students to gain knowledge, but fosters

independent and creative thinking. This is extremely important in our rapidly changing

world where we want to prepare our children to be adaptable and independent thinkers.

They are encouraged to learn through problem solving, questioning and to develop the

confidence to form their own opinions. The system cultivates adaptability and nurtures

the student so that they gain the skills to be responsible, global citizens as well as

making successful contributions to the global work force.

The rigorous assessment that is in place for the UK curriculum focuses on

standardised testing so that as a parent you always know the successes and challenges

your child experiences in every aspect of their studies. These assessments enable

mastery of subject matter, but also encourage accountability. In addition, students know

where they are succeeding and where they might need to focus their learning in the

future to enable them to fulfil their potential.

Another benefit of learning from a UK curriculum is that all British International Schools

follow it. This is a huge advantage for the international family that are constantly moving

countries and continents. Despite relocating to a new house and a new city, once the

student enters their British International School, they are able to pick up where they

left off and continue smoothly with their education.

To sum up, the UK curriculum equips students to achieve excellence, fulfil their personal

potential and fosters resilience and independent thinking in a positive learning

environment. They are taught to believe their opinion matters, to be curious and ask

questions, respectful of others thus allowing them to become well-rounded individuals

and successful global citizens.

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