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A Typical Lesson

All classes are delivered live online and are filled with fun, interactive activities designed to help every student progress.

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Class Setup

  • Lessons are delivered online through a ‘virtual’ classroom giving you all the benefits of a real classroom, without the travel time!

  • Classes can be attended from home (or wherever you may be as long as you have Wifi!)

  • Log into the virtual classroom with a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile   

  • See and hear your teacher and classmates at all times

  • Interact with all the fun games, class activities and teacher’s whiteboard

  • Classes are supportive, fun and safe

  • All classes are recorded – you can watch them back as often as you like

  • Log in and play the games and books your teacher has allocated you even outside of class time.

David & Suzi

Suzi & Marija

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Monitoring Progress

After each class, the parents can request a recording of the lesson so they can watch their child's progress and the child can re-watch any classes they struggled with or missed. In addition, each student/parent receives a regular written progress report from their teacher.

Here at The Phonics School, we don't give homework with deadlines, but do encourage independent learning outside the classroom.


To guide this learning, after each class the teacher will allocate the students new e-books and games in their online world for them to complete in their own time. Independent learning can also be in the form of a parent reading with their child. 

What is the Cost?

The group prices are:

1x class each week - 70 euros per month (approx 16.50 euros per class)

2x classes each week - 148 euros per month (approx 16.50 euros per class)

The cost for an individual class is 26.50 euros.

Our Programmes

Our programmes are for all adults and children, whether native English speakers or learning English as a second (or third!)

What happy parents say!

After the first demo trial, we didn't have any doubt to choose the classes with the Phonics School among other demo classes with different schools and countries. Our goal was to increase the phonics skill of my daughter since she was completely new to the English environment starting directly from year 2. With the help of the phonics school, we were able to catch up with our peers and go beyond it. 

I liked the how teacher is find way to encourage kid talking, sharing her thoughts, getting confidence in spelling.

I liked the weekly progress feedback from the teacher. 

I liked the flexibility of changing schedule agreed in advance if something comes up from both ends. I liked the provided video recordings. I would like to thank Sophie and Donna for the inputs/efforts you put to shape Aylin’s phonics skill.

Dauren, father of Aylin - Kuwait

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