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Our programmes are for all adults and children, whether native English speakers or learning English as a second (or third!) language.


Grammar & Spelling Bug


English Grammar and Spelling made fun. The Grammar & Spelling programme matches the learning content of the British Curriculum for Primary and Secondary English.


Spark your child's imagination with our LIVE immersive English STORYTIME sessions - ideal for preschoolers. Sessions run weekly in autumn and winter. Click below to register interest.

Bug Club Phonics

BUg Club Phonics.png
Bug Club Phonics teaches children to read and write the British way using Phonics as taught in schools across the UK and in British International schools worldwide.

Bug Club Guided Reading

Learn to love reading and get the most from books with Bug Club Guided Reading. Benefit from our vast online library of books suitable for all abilities.



Adults and children of all ages can improve fluency, confidence and pronunciation speaking and listening in English with our Conversation classes.

Creative Writing

Our Creative Writing classes are recommended for all aspiring writers from 7 to 70 years old!

Business English

Our tailored Business English programme is for individual professionals and companies looking to uplevel their English and get ahead in the workplace.

Small Class Sizes

Our class sizes are small with 2-4 students, meaning every child gets a personalised learning experience.
We also offer one-to-one programmes that are tailor-made to meet your child's individual learning needs.​​

Internationally Accredited Programmes

We are proud to offer three internationally accredited programmes that have been created by the world’s biggest learning company, Pearson International.
We now also offer NEW conversational classes.

Online Comfort

Each programme is delivered online in real-time by high quality native speaking British teachers through fun, interactive classes given in the comfort of your home - saving you time, money and unnecessary travelling.

Free English e-Books and Games

We believe in 'learning through fun'. Every student enrolled onto one of our programmes, also gets their own online student world with unlimited access to 100s of English eBooks and interactive games. 

Online Playground

Children will recognise lots of the main characters such as Shaun the Sheep, Dr Who, Wallace and Grommit, Ben 10 and many more!

The books and games are matched to the live lessons to reinforce the teaching with new ones allocated to each student every week so they can continue the learning and fun in their free time. 


Each eBook or game completed rewards the student with coins they can spend customising their online world.

Who Are We For?

All our programmes allow the student to progress through clearly defined stages with a proven end result. Each programme is delivered at a pace to suit the group or individual learner.

Who Are We For?

English as a First Language

We offer classes following the British curriculum in English delivered by native English speaking teachers, all with a UK teaching qualification.


This means we are a perfect solution for children who need extra support with reading/writing/essay composition etc whether they be learning overseas, immersed in a second language, or just needing extra support outside of school.


Our British teachers are highly qualified and experienced in making English classes interactive, engaging and fun.


Our programmes delivered online allow English speaking children to access the British Curriculum in English wherever they may be in the world.

English as a Foreign Language

We know the value of being able to communicate freely and confidently in English in today’s world.


Our programmes are suitable for children of all ages and at all stages of their English learning journey.


From those students starting to learn basic vocabulary for conversation, to students studying for exams in English at international schools around the world, and everything in between, we have a teacher and a programme to match.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your specific situation and we will guide you to a great teacher to match your needs in one of our free trial sessions.

Home Educated Students

If you are educating your child out of mainstream schooling we are able to offer longer term, daily or weekly classes to deliver the

British Curriculum in English by a qualified teacher.


We pride ourselves on a student centred approach meeting the needs of each individual.


If you have a specific learning need or style please get in touch to find out how we can help, we will be happy to discuss a learning plan in one of our free trial classes.

Adult Classes

Our adult English classes cover a wide range of topics. Individuals working with English as a first or foreign language can choose to:

- Work on creative writing projects with our published authors guiding the process,

-  Practise their speaking and listening skills in conversation classes with native English speaking qualified teachers,


-  Hone pronunciation or grammar skills,


-  Work on specific areas of business English such as formal

language for emails or presentations.

If you are a company looking for classes for a large number of individuals please send us an email to learn more about our corporate packages.

Meet the Teachers

We are highly qualified education professionals who are passionate about English. We bring energy and enthusiasm to every class as well as the in depth subject knowledge that comes from being native English speakers.

Phonics Bug Logo.png

"We are grateful to have found Phonics school to aid in bettering Athena's language and communication skills. You have played a key role in developing her confidence with peers (since communication is key for the same and practising only her mother tongue at home, made external support essential).

To top it all I am only very glad that she found more or less a friend in Ms Donna. It had always been amazing to see her wait impatiently for each and every one of her sessions.

I am one who believes that the quest for knowledge is best accomplished with zest, and the zest could never have been acquired if not for the right teacher like Ms Donna. I only wish that we could give her learning platforms like yours always with teachers like Ms Donna in it to make her journey always exciting!"

Rakhi, mother of Athena - Kuwait

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