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Grammar & Spelling Bug

Get to grips with grammar - learn how to write correct British English.

A fun and engaging programme that breaks down the essentials of British grammar and spelling into small, logical steps of learning.

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Who is it For?

Grammar & Spelling Bug is widely used throughout UK schools and brings grammar, spelling and punctuation lessons to life for children aged 7 to 14 years. This programme is suitable for native English speakers as well as those learning English as a second language.

It is recommended your child has a foundation in phonics before they start the Grammar & Spelling Bug programme in order to get the best results. The programme we would suggest most suitable for those children aged 5 to 12 years is our Phonics Bug programme. 

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What Does the Programme Cover?

Built to find the fun in learning grammar, punctuation and spelling, Grammar and Spelling Bug is bursting with online games and teacher-led activities that help children master essential skills. 

Students journey through time and immerse themselves in the Aztecs, Victorians and Ancient China completing exciting practice games and learning key skills at every step.

After completing the full programme, every student will have a much deeper understanding of the English language and the knowledge and skills to speak and write with a high degree of accuracy. This provides the foundations for fluent, confident English readers, writers and speakers which can be further developed in our Bug Club Reading programme.

Free Online Games after each Class

In addition to the live classes, each student gets access to their own exciting online world with many more games that are allocated to each student, after every class, to enjoy in their own time. The games match what the student has learnt in the previous class and allow the student to practise independently. It constantly rewards them for their work and successes, and keeps children engaged, active and motivated.

Small Groups

Small groups with a maximum of 4 children run at scheduled times each week. The groups provide a fun way to learn with the chance for interactive conversation, whilst still allowing individual attention for each student due to the small class sizes.


Please note we don't recommend our groups for children under 7.


Class duration: 45 minutes


The duration and frequency of classes is tailored to meet the child's individual learning needs and can be arranged on days and times to suit you.

Dates and Timeline

The Phonics School does not follow the traditional academic year and we have new groups starting throughout the year.


Every class is also recorded and can be sent on request to students for them (or their parents) to watch again in their own time if they so wish. This also means, that if they miss a class for any reason, the student can catch up by watching the recorded lesson so they don't fall behind.

What is the Cost?

The group prices are:

1x class each week - 70 euros per month (approx 16.50 euros per class)

2x classes each week - 148 euros per month (approx 16.50 euros per class)

The cost for an individual class is 26.50 euros.

How is it Delivered?

Bug Club Phonics is delivered online from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you may be that day). Once enroled, you will receive a password to log on to the class from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

All you need is a WiFi connection.


Each class is led by one of our experienced and qualified British teachers. The focus on each lesson is learning through fun with the use of a variety of interactive learning activities including BBC videos, CBeebies videos and a huge library of eBooks matching the students' level.

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What happy parents say!

After the first demo trial, we didn't have any doubt to choose the classes with the Phonics School among other demo classes with different schools and countries. Our goal was to increase the phonics skill of my daughter since she was completely new to the English environment starting directly from year 2. With the help of the phonics school, we were able to catch up with our peers and go beyond it. 

I liked the how teacher is find way to encourage kid talking, sharing her thoughts, getting confidence in spelling.

I liked the weekly progress feedback from the teacher. 

I liked the flexibility of changing schedule agreed in advance if something comes up from both ends. I liked the provided video recordings. I would like to thank Sophie and Donna for the inputs/efforts you put to shape Aylin’s phonics skill.

Dauren, father of Aylin - Kuwait

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