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Speak like English is your first language!

Have you been studying English for years, but now want to speak fluently? Stop learning theory and start speaking!

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Time to Practise!

If you already know the basic grammar rules and 200+ English words, you do not need more theory, start practising with native speakers!  

Our English conversation classes are for adults and children. The classes will help to improve fluency with a focus on pronunciation, learning new vocabulary, fluency and confidence speaking or presenting and discovering the meaning and use of idioms. Our classes are led by qualified teachers who speak English as a first language and are ready to immerse you in the richness of the beautiful language that is English!

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How Does the Programme Work?

Each class is led by a native speaking British teacher who is trained to lead you around various topics - including culture, traditions, politics, business and hobbies - to ensure your conversation skills improve after each and every class.


Your teacher will guide you and correct pronunciation and grammar where necessary, but through speaking, not theory or textbooks.

How Do the Classes Work?

You can choose to take individual classes or join a small group (between 2-4 students). We recommend a minimum of two classes per week for best results. Each class is 30 minutes, but you can request longer (45 minutes maximum). Once your class schedule has been confirmed you will be sent instructions and a link how to access your online classes on the given days.


All you need is a laptop and WiFi connection. 

For our individual conversation classes, you can choose your own schedule. For groups we have classes running during the daytime, evening and weekends.

Please enquire for more details on our group schedule. 

What is the Cost?

The group prices are:

1x class each week - 70 euros per month (approx 16.50 euros per class)

2x classes each week - 148 euros per month (approx 16.50 euros per class)

The cost for an individual class is 26.50 euros.

What happy parents say!

After the first demo trial, we didn't have any doubt to choose the classes with the Phonics School among other demo classes with different schools and countries. Our goal was to increase the phonics skill of my daughter since she was completely new to the English environment starting directly from year 2. With the help of the phonics school, we were able to catch up with our peers and go beyond it. 

I liked the how teacher is find way to encourage kid talking, sharing her thoughts, getting confidence in spelling.

I liked the weekly progress feedback from the teacher. 

I liked the flexibility of changing schedule agreed in advance if something comes up from both ends. I liked the provided video recordings. I would like to thank Sophie and Donna for the inputs/efforts you put to shape Aylin’s phonics skill.

Dauren, father of Aylin - Kuwait

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