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Learn English the British Way

We know life gets busy so we save you travel time and money by teaching online, in the comfort of your home.

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 How do Τhe Phonics School's Classes work?

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Grammar & Spelling Bug


English Grammar and Spelling made fun. The Grammar & Spelling programme matches the learning content of the British Curriculum for Primary and Secondary English.


Spark your child's imagination with our LIVE immersive English STORYTIME sessions for 4 to 9 year olds.

Develop a love of books and have lots of fun with Brendan and his friends!

Bug Club Phonics

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Bug Club Phonics teaches children to read and write the British way using Phonics as taught in schools across the UK and in British International schools worldwide.

Bug Club Guided Reading

Learn to love reading and get the most from books with Bug Club Guided Reading. Benefit from our vast online library of books suitable for all abilities.



Adults and children of all ages can improve fluency, confidence and pronunciation speaking and listening in English with our Conversation classes.

Creative Writing

Our Creative Writing classes are recommended for all aspiring writers from 7 to 70 years old!

Business English

Our tailored Business English programme is for individual professionals and companies looking to uplevel their English and get ahead in the workplace.

Who Are We For?

Our programmes are for adults of all ages and children, whether native English speakers or learning English as a second (or third!) language. 

Find out how we can tailor our programmes to meet these specific areas of learning:

The individual route

  • 30 minute class = €25

  • Timetable created to suit your needs

  • Any aspect of English covered. We will find you the best teacher to match your English goals

  • Suitable from age 4

  • Possibility to cancel or reschedule free of charge with 24 hours notice

Click here for a free trial to discuss your needs and timetable 

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The group route

  • For a group class you pay monthly. The cost is €135 per month. This gives you 2 x 45 min classes a week. (Average €15 per class)

  • Check out our timetable of group classes here 

  • Small class sizes - mimimum 2, maximum 4

  • Students are matched according to ability

Click here for a free trial to find the best group for your needs

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Choose your route

Not sure which route is best for you? 

Click here for a free trial to discuss your options 

Our Classes

How to Enrol

Learn English the British way today! Our enrolment process is quick and simple and can all be done online.


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A Typical Lesson

Lessons are delivered online through a ‘virtual’ classroom giving you all the benefits of a real classroom, without the travel time!

Meet the Teachers

We are highly qualified education professionals who are passionate about English. We bring energy and enthusiasm to every class as well as the in depth subject knowledge that comes from being native English speakers.

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"We are grateful to have found Phonics school to aid in bettering Athena's language and communication skills. You have played a key role in developing her confidence with peers (since communication is key for the same and practising only her mother tongue at home, made external support essential).

To top it all I am only very glad that she found more or less a friend in Ms Donna. It had always been amazing to see her wait impatiently for each and every one of her sessions.

I am one who believes that the quest for knowledge is best accomplished with zest, and the zest could never have been acquired if not for the right teacher like Ms Donna. I only wish that we could give her learning platforms like yours always with teachers like Ms Donna in it to make her journey always exciting!"

Rakhi, mother of Athena - Kuwait

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